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Final Schedule for the Big Brain Imaging Workshop can be found here

Event has concluded. Stay tuned for future events.

Join us for the 2022 Big Brain Imaging Workshop, brought to you by the National Science Foundation Neuronex: Next Generation Multi-photon Neuro-Imaging Consortium and the Boston University Neurophotonics Center. This two-day workshop will take place on Thursday, April 7th and continue on Friday, April 8th, 2022 at the Boston University and online.

The 2022 Big Brain Imaging Workshop is an opportunity to join in the discussion on optical approaches for cellular resolution imaging of neuronal populations that have been highly instrumental for uncovering the principles of neural circuit function. To date, the microscope technology development for imaging the nervous system has largely been focused on applications on a subset of model species with smaller, optically accessible brains (ex. c. elegans, zebrafish, mice). The ability to translate these technologies to species with brains that are both physically larger and less optically accessible remains a challenge. The topic of the workshop is focused on advancing cellular resolution brain imaging techniques in “larger” brains of mammalian species (ex. rats, cats, ferrets, marmosets, macaques). The goal is to bring neuroscientists and optical engineers together to discuss challenges and come up with potential solutions that will pave the way for the next generation of microscopes that can be applied to a greater number of model organisms.

The following list of Distinguished Speakers will participate in the workshop:

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