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All products are available on the NSF Public Access Repository (NSF-PAR)


Fabrication and characterization of modulation masks for multimodal spatial frequency modulated microscopy

Worts, Nathan ; Young, Michael ; Field, Jeff ; Bartels, Randy ; Jones, Jason ; Squier, Jeff (June 2018, Applied Optics)

Three-dimensional single-pixel imaging of incoherent light with spatiotemporally modulated illumination

Field, Jeffrey J. ; Wernsing, Keith A. ; Squier, Jeff A. ; Bartels, Randy A. (July 2018, Journal of the Optical Society of America A)

Interferometric spatial frequency modulation imaging

Worts, Nathan ; Field, Jeff ; Bartels, Randy ; Jones, Jason ; Broderick, Jeff ; Squier, Jeff (October 2018, Optics Letters)

Fluorescent coherent diffractive imaging with accelerating light sheets

Field, Jeffrey J. ; Squier, Jeff A. ; Bartels, Randy A. (January 2019, Optics Express)

Spectral phase and amplitude retrieval and compensation technique for measurement of pulses

Allende Motz, Alyssa M. ; Squier, Jeff A. ; Durfee, Charles G. ; Adams, Daniel E. (April 2019, Optics Letters)

Cellular resolution imaging of neuronal activity across space and time in the mammalian brain

Clough, MA  ; Chen, JL (December 2019, Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering)

Two-dimensional random access multiphoton spatial frequency modulated imaging

Allende Motz, Alyssa M. ; Czerski, John ; Adams, Daniel E. ; Durfee, Charles ; Bartels, Randy ; Field, Jeff ; Hoy, Christopher L. ; Squier, Jeff (January 2020, Optics Express)