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Software Tutorials

Zemax Tutorial: File:Zemax Tutorial V03.docx

Backpropagation tutorial, with C++ code


Two Photon Microscopy

Building a two-photon microscope is easy: File:2p is Easy.pdf

Parts List: File:Partlist 2P.xlsx

Fourier Optics

Fourier Transform references:

Video References:

Fourier Transform and Deep Learning Algorithms:

Parts List: File:Partlist FO.xlsx

Adaptive Optics

Na Ji: Adaptive optics enables new optical microscopy for neuro applications:

Parts List: File:Partlist AO.xlsx


We would like to recognize the National Science Foundation (NSF) for generously funding the NeuroNex Technology Hub: Nemonic (Next generation Multiphoton Neuroimaging Consortium) (1707287)