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All products are available on the NSF Public Access Repository (NSF-PAR)



Fabrication and characterization of modulation masks for multimodal spatial frequency modulated microscopy

Worts, Nathan ; Young, Michael ; Field, Jeff ; Bartels, Randy ; Jones, Jason ; Squier, Jeff (June 2018, Applied Optics)

Three-dimensional single-pixel imaging of incoherent light with spatiotemporally modulated illumination

Field, Jeffrey J. ; Wernsing, Keith A. ; Squier, Jeff A. ; Bartels, Randy A. (July 2018, Journal of the Optical Society of America A)

Interferometric spatial frequency modulation imaging

Worts, Nathan ; Field, Jeff ; Bartels, Randy ; Jones, Jason ; Broderick, Jeff ; Squier, Jeff (October 2018, Optics Letters)

Fluorescent coherent diffractive imaging with accelerating light sheets

Field, Jeffrey J. ; Squier, Jeff A. ; Bartels, Randy A. (January 2019, Optics Express)

Spectral phase and amplitude retrieval and compensation technique for measurement of pulses

Allende Motz, Alyssa M. ; Squier, Jeff A. ; Durfee, Charles G. ; Adams, Daniel E. (April 2019, Optics Letters)

Spectral Phase and Amplitude Retrieval and Compensation for Random Access Microscopy

Allende Motz, Alyssa M. ; Durfee, Charles G. ; Squier, Jeff A. ; Adams, Daniel E. (May 2019, OSA Technical Digest (Optical Society of America, 2019))

Advanced Circuit and Cellular Imaging Methods in Nonhuman Primates

Macknik, Stephen L. ; Alexander, Robert G. ; Caballero, Olivya ; Chanovas, Jordi ; Nielsen, Kristina J. ; Nishimura, Nozomi ; Schaffer, Chris B. ; Slovin, Hamutal ; Babayoff, Amit ; Barak, Ravid ; et al (October 2019, The Journal of Neuroscience)

Cellular resolution imaging of neuronal activity across space and time in the mammalian brain

Clough, MA  ; Chen, JL (December 2019, Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering)

Two-dimensional random access multiphoton spatial frequency modulated imaging

Allende Motz, Alyssa M. ; Czerski, John ; Adams, Daniel E. ; Durfee, Charles ; Bartels, Randy ; Field, Jeff ; Hoy, Christopher L. ; Squier, Jeff (January 2020, Optics Express)

Simultaneous multi-dimensional spatial frequency modulation imaging

Worts, Nathan ; Czerski, John ; Jones, Jason ; Field, Jeffrey J. ; Bartels, Randy ; Squier, Jeff (January 2020, International Journal of Optomechatronics)

Context-Dependent Sensory Processing across Primary and Secondary Somatosensory Cortex

Condylis, Cameron ; Lowet, Eric ; Ni, Jianguang ; Bistrong, Karina ; Ouellette, Timothy ; Josephs, Nathaniel ; Chen, Jerry L. (May 2020, Neuron)

jYCaMP: an optimized calcium indicator for two-photon imaging at fiber laser wavelengths

Mohr, Manuel Alexander ; Bushey, Daniel ; Aggarwal, Abhi ; Marvin, Jonathan S. ; Kim, Jeong Jun ; Marquez, Emiliano Jimenez ; Liang, Yajie ; Patel, Ronak ; Macklin, John J. ; Lee, Chi-Yu ; Tsang, Arthur ; Tsegaye, Getahun ; Ahrens, Allison M. ; Chen, Jerry L. ; Kim, Douglas S. ; Wong, Allan M. ; Looger, Loren L. ; Schreiter, Eric R. ; Podgorski, Kaspar (May 2020, Nature Methods)

Distributed and retinotopically asymmetric processing of coherent motion in mouse visual cortex

Sit, Kevin K. ; Goard, Michael J. (July 2020, Nature Communications)

Three-photon imaging of synthetic dyes in deep layers of the neocortex

Liu, Chao J. ; Roy, Arani ; Simons, Anthony A. ; Farinella, Deano M. ; Kara, Prakash (October 2020, Scientific Reports)

Single-pixel fluorescent diffraction tomography

Stockton, Patrick A. ; Field, Jeffrey J. ; Squier, Jeff ; Pezeshki, Ali ; Bartels, Randy A. (November 2020, Optica)

Diverse coactive neurons encode stimulus-driven and stimulus-independent variables

Xia, Ji ; Marks, Tyler D. ; Goard, Michael J. ; Wessel, Ralf (November 2020, Journal of Neurophysiology)

Integrated dispersion compensated mode-locked quantum dot laser

Zhang, Zeyu ; Norman, Justin C. ; Liu, Songtao ; Malik, Aditya ; Bowers, John E. (January 2020, Photonics Research)

Improving laser standards for three-photon microscopy

Farinella, Deano M. ; Roy, Arani ; Liu, Chao J. ; Kara, Prakash (January 2021, Neurophotonics)

Stimulus-dependent representational drift in primary visual cortex

Marks, Tyler D. ; Goard, Michael J. ( August 2021 , Nature Communications)

Stable representation of a naturalistic movie emerges from episodic activity with gain variability

Xia, Ji ; Marks, Tyler D. ; Goard, Michael J. ; Wessel, Ralf ( August 2021 , Nature Communications)

A Distributed Circuit for Associating Environmental Context to Motor Choice in Retrosplenial Cortex

Franco, Luis M. ; Goard, Michael J. ( August 2021 , Science Advances)

Flexible simultaneous mesoscale two-photon imaging of neural activity at high speeds

Clough, Mitchell ; Chen, Ichun Anderson ; Park , Seong-Wook ; Ahrens , Allison M. ; Stirman, Jeffrey N.; Smith, Spencer L. ; Chen, Jerry L. ( November 2021 , Nature Communications)

Diesel2p mesoscope with dual independent scan engines for flexible capture of dynamics in distributed neural circuitry

Yu, Che-Hang ; Stirman, Jeffrey N. ; Yu, Yiyi ; Hira, Riichiro ; Smith, Spencer L. ( November 2021 , Nature Communications)

An Autonomous Molecular Bioluminescent Reporter (AMBER) for voltage imaging in freely moving animals

Srinivasan, Prasanna ; Griffin, Nicole M. ; Joshi, Pradeep ; Thakur, Dhananjay ; Nguyen-Le, Alex; McCotter, Sean ; Jain, Akshar; Saeidi, Mitra ; Kulkarni, Prajakta; Eisdorfer, Jaclyn T. ; Rothman, Joel ; Montell, Craig; Theogarajan, Luke ( December 2021 , Advanced Biology)

Retinoic acid inhibitors mitigate vision loss in a mouse model of retinal degeneration

Telias, M.+ ; Sit, KK.+ ; Smith, B. ; Misra, A. ; Goard, MJ.* ; Kramer, RH.* ( March 2022 , Science advances)

Selective representations of texture and motion in mouse higher visual areas

Yu, Yiyi; Stirman, Jeffrey N.; Dorsett, Christopher R.; Smith, Spencer L. ( May 2022, Current Biology)

Cortical layer-specific differences in stimulus selectivity revealed with high-field fMRI and single-vessel resolution optical imaging of the primary visual cortex

Cho, Shinho ; Roy, Arani ; Liu, Chao J. ; Idiyatullin, Djaudat ; Zhu, Wei ; Zhang, Yi ; Zhu, Xiao-Hong ; O'Herron, Phillip ; Leikvoll, Austin ; Chen, Wei ; et al ( May 2022 , NeuroImage)

Tomographic single pixel spatial frequency projection imaging

Stockton, Patrick ; Murray, Gabe ; Field, Jeffrey J. ; Squier, Jeff ; Pezeshki, Ali ; Bartels, Randy A. ( October 2022 , Optics Communications)