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This page will serve as a home for the users of Diesel (Dual Independent Enhanced Scan Engines for Large field-of-view) multiphoton imaging systems

What is Diesel?

Diesel2p (Dual Independent Enhanced Scan Engines for Large field-of-view Two-Photon imaging) is a multiphoton imaging system designed by the Smith lab. With approximately a dozen systems currently in operation or ordered, this custom and fully open-sourced system allows for large field-of view-imaging with two independent scan engines. In addition to Diesel2p, a 4-channel version is in operation at the Chen lab and a three-photon version is operated by the Kara lab.

Diesel2p objective and stage
Diesel2p system layout
Quadroscope: a 4-channel variant of Diesel2p
Diesel3p: a three-photon Diesel variant

Overview of specifications


-Dual independent scanning engines

-Large field of view: ~5 x 5 mm2, encompassing distances up to 7 mm

-Scan angles up to ±5 degrees at the objective back aperture

-Excitation windows of 910 ± 10 nm and 1050 nm ± 10 nm


-Dual independent scanning engines

-Large field of view: ~5 x 5 mm2

-4-channel microscope (2 per scan engine)

-Diffraction-limited performance optimized across an excitation wavelength range of 920–1040 nm


-Dual independent scanning engines

-Large field of view: ~5 x 5 mm2

-Allow simultaneous 2p + 3p imaging, achromatic at 920nm and 1300 nm

-8-mm long working distance, 360 degree rotatable, 0.54NA, air objective



Diesel2p mesoscope with dual independent scan engines for flexible capture of dynamics in distributed neural circuitry


Yu, Che-Hang ; Stirman, Jeffrey N. ; Yu, Yiyi ; Hira, Riichiro ; Smith, Spencer L. ( November 2021 , Nature Communications)

Flexible simultaneous mesoscale two-photon imaging of neural activity at high speeds


Clough, Mitchell ; Chen, Ichun Anderson ; Park , Seong-Wook ; Ahrens , Allison M. ; Stirman, Jeffrey N.; Smith, Spencer L. ; Chen, Jerry L. ( November 2021 , Nature Communications)

Lens prescriptions

Full Diesel2p lens prescription available here

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